I’ve been bitten…again.

The time has come to finally write something here. This little blog’s tummy is hungry for some crunchy words and rich, filling sentences. Maybe it will get a little crazy and treat itself to a heaping paragraph… or two.

AND…tis’ my 30th birthday. Certainly it is the perfect day to begin updating again.

(LIE. I started to write this post 5/14… and it is now a few days after the fact. However, it is now the day of birth for my wee sister. Actually, that is also a lie. There is not a wee thing about her; she could squash me with her big toe).

Where to begin?

Why o wyoming was pretty stellar.

IMG_0789        Yes, I actually hiked all the way to that beautiful ridge line…

IMG_0715This is a pic while “on the job.” I HAD to take a group out for a hike… poor me 😉

Welcome to Brush Creek Ranch
Welcome to Brush Creek Ranch

Photo on 2013-05-15 at 20.06


And…then back to Cleveland. My time at home was a weird transition time for me… It was healing  to actually be with family for a few months. In all of my traveling, I haven’t spent a significant amount of time at home in years.

But… I was definitely shown that what may be my actual home no long feels like home. I blame it on my desire to wander.

From October through February (and certainly even through this day), I have been feeling my way through a transitory period. Practicing and sharing/teaching yoga is certainly a facet of my **many** talents that I desire to continue the development of.

But… let’s be honest.

If I want to stay financially afloat, pay off my student loans, and continue a life of travel; I am going to need to keep my teaching as a hobby.

My yoga teaching career deserves its own blog post.

On to Nashville.


Never say never. I SWORE that I would never move back to Nashville, and here I am. I don’t feel like answering/explaining all of the who, what, where, when’s and why’s. Simply, people come in and out of our lives at specific times and for specific purposes. I pulled onto Nashville Drive on March 1. Around a month and so later, one of my closest and dearest friends experienced great tragedy in her life. I’m so thankful that I heeded the strong pull of my intuition, and that I have been able to be here.

There is no cheeziness to this statement: Follow your heart. DO IT. Sometimes you need to be in the wrong place for the right time… Whatever Divine powers that are at work within my life powerfully sent me here for her.

On and on I could include further explanation on the miracles that have taken place in my life. Yes, dear reader, you would be amazed at the events which have manifested, but also I understand the nature of blog readers. The option to click on over to check out your facebook status is a strong pull; I’m not going to mess with the mightiness of distraction. I want my blog entries to be somewhat sweet and somewhat short.

In listening to my heart, I must be honest with myself:

I have been neglecting a desire that has been brewing for far too long…

Seoul! Algun dia!! caminare x sus calles y comere tantas cosas q siempre se me antojan en los doramas :9

Can you guess where this is?

Seoul… I’m coming home.

Bring on round two of strange subway experiences, fumbling my way through ordering a vegan meals, miles of hiking, hours of teaching, expanding my yoga practice, making new friends, and rekindling old friendships.

Maybe… I’ll even climb a rock (or two) again.

If you read into previous posts, you will read writings on my personal manifestation projects and my desire to encourage others in doing the same. These past months have been about taking the act of manifesting and moving it into heightened levels.

There is no manifestation without action.

I was listening to Jack Canfield the other day (note: a fantastic and EASY way to bring action into manifesting is to listen to audiobooks/podcasts, etc. YES, even this SMALL step is acting on your desires. Taking action doesn’t have to be a gigantic, overwhelming swoop. Baby steps… shuffles… any movement forward is still ACTION), and he spoke on what he did to grow his Chicken Soup empire…

One thing that deeply boomed a loud voice of, “GET ON IT, PATTY,” was the Art of 5. Canfield didn’t have a fancy name for it, but I call it the Art of 5 simply because it sounds cool and official. He and his colleagues took five specific actions EVERY DAY towards whatever desire they wanted to accomplish.

There is only ONE PERSON responsible for the quality of life you want to live, and guess what…


If something doesn’t turn out as planned, you have to ask yourself… “How did I create that? Where did I go wrong? What could I have done differently?”

I am creating a life that I love everyday.

Paging back months, almost years now, into the friendships of my life; a friend once wrote to me on my epic moving adventures. While I questioned how “grounded” my life actually was or why I always get a powerful urge to move on, she responded by calling me a life muse.

Her words burned great power into my being.

She continued to say that perhaps my desire to move was life’s way of delivering my presence to people who need it most at that time. I can only hope that I have encouraged others, loved with all that I have been able to, served every person to my greatest ability, and have extended a thankfulness for everyone’s value to prove to them their worthiness.

What else is possible? Get ready for the next chapter…

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