morning is my favorite time of the day.

The abundance in my life is direct reflection of the Divine energy and constant outpouring of love. If one desires to powerfully manifest his or her visions, then first express deep gratitude for all that is currently present. Love

PMAR: positive mental attitude regardless.

Certainly it is easy for me to express such a statement as I comfortably sit within the warm walls and safety of my Grandparents’ abode; therefore, that statement is written not only to encourage you, my lovely reader, but also as a reminder for myself.

This verse of the Divine found me this morning:

“All things when they are admitted are made manifest by the light: for everything that is made manifest is light.” 

~Ephesians 5: 13

Watch your thoughts, for all thoughts precede action.

My thoughts at the moment?
I desire vitality and express that hope with love to each miracle of a cell that has created me. My cells… my body… my mind will soon be awakened by the hungry little dinosaur that lives deep within my stomach:
dinosaurs are cute

My dinosaur will be roaring for a green smoothie.

AND… as per the request of one of my heavenly friends, I will now share the BEST (I can be biased if I want *^^*) green smoothie recipe EVER.

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For approximately 1L of green goodness:

20ish oz. of COLD filtered water.
3 small-medium RIPE, RIPE, RIPE bananas ( I can not stress the ripeness! The peels must be COVERED in brown spots!!!) I recommend at least two of these nanas to be frozen~
2 ice cubes
TONS of spinach (I don’t have an exact measurement. I stuff my blender~)
As much organic cinnamon as your taste buds crave

1) Pour water into blender
2) Add greens with caution: add by a small handful so that your blender isn’t too taxed
3) Add a frozen nana, cinnamon, blend
4) Add more greens (feel free to include kale, but not too much since it has a strong taste)
5) Add a banana, cinnamon, blend
6) Add final banana, you may want to add more water
7) Enjoy
8) Prepare for an energy surge rivaling coffee
9) Clean your house. Clean your friend’s house. Get your entire to-do list accomplished. Powerfully manifest MORE abundance and wellness into your life.
10) Repeat

Green Smoothie | via Tumblr

AHHH! I forgot one of the most important steps in the recipe…

Watch as miracles manifest into your day. Express deep gratitude. And ask, “How does it get any better than this?”

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